Elective Class Series

Forging Blacksmith Tongs

Date: Nov. 17, 2018

Time: 8 am-4 pm (please arrive promptly!)

Instructor: Grant Loper

Minimum Enrollment: 4

Maximum Enrollment: 21

Location:  Blacksmith Barn (bldg. G), Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum


Every blacksmith needs more tongs!  Grant will take you through the process of forging them from (cheap!) bar stock.  Learn to use the edge of the anvil to set and separate the boss, jaws, and reins effectively and efficiently.  Properly size and forge rivets from plain round stock.  Some variations on jaw designs to hold various shapes will be discussed.  Expect some heavy forging (to draw the reins) and a bit of brain twisting to get it all done right.


Minimum Prerequisites:**  Completion of our Blacksmithing 101 course, or equiv. (3-4 classes; decent coal fire management skills).   Open to ages 15+; 15 & 16 yr. old must have a guardian at the Barn at all times.


Recommended For: Advanced beginner to intermediate smiths who can look after measurements while forging heavy stock, think in 3 dimensions, and make two pieces match.


Students Must Bring:

  • Proper forge attire: all natural fibers, covered legs and toes, leather or canvas shoes/boots, ANSI 87.140 compliant protective eye wear.
  • Hearing protection is strongly recommended
  • Whatever water and food you need (food will not be available on site).
  • Forging hammer
  • Tool-striking hammer (if your regular hammer is soft or light)
  • Hot-cut (chisel or hardy)
  • Measuring stick and soapstone
  • Wire brush

Please Bring if You Have:  so you don’t have to wait to share…

  • Round punch (to make a hole 3/8”)
  • Ball-peen hammer
  • Hot rasp
  • Flat bastard file
  • Round file (3/8”-1/2”) to clean up transitions.

Last Day of Registration: Weds. Nov. 14th (so we can buy enough materials)

Cost: $50 for museum members/$60 for non-members: includes fuel and materials.

*Students who will not or cannot behave safely and responsibly will be removed from the class (and the forge area) without refund.  This includes failure to wear proper clothing and eyewear.  No warnings are required.

**This project will be tough for people who are recent 101 grads, though they will learn lots even if they struggle.

Forging Tongs Elective

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Forging Blacksmith Tongs Elective