August 18th Blacksmithing Elective

Coin Mokume Gane

Date: Saturday August 18th, 2018

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Instructor: Evan Pintzuk (with Kelly Carle)

Location: Blacksmith Barn (Bldg G) Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

Cost: $70 for museum members

Price includes materials for making your own mokume torque plate for use in forges.

Pre-registration required by August 11th (so we can buy materials)

Minimum Age: 16 without participating parent; 10 with participating parent/guardian*

*Youth and adult must have completed the AGSEM Paired Blacksmithing 101 Class

Mokume Gane (Japanese for “wood grain”) is like pattern welding, but with non-ferrous metals! All kinds of interesting visual textures are possible, using techniques in common with ‘Damascus’ steel patterns. Mokume gets used in everything from jewelry to hand rails to sculpture. Evan will be teaching you how to do basic coin Mokume using quarters (a nice sandwich of copper and nickle). You’ll also make your own mokume torque plate set-up to use (and take home), so you’ll be outfitted fo more billet making. Come ready to experiment with methods and patterns, and remember to bring plenty of quarters!

Pre-requisites: You must have done at least one successful forge weld. Reasonable coal fire skills are expected, because we’re doing this in the forge!

You Must Bring:

· At least $3 in U.S. quarters (12 quarters); up to $10 in quarters is recommended

· 8-10” mill bastard file

· 1-2 adjustable crescent wrenches or vise grips

· Ball peen or rounding hammer

· Wolf jaw or kit tongs

· Top Tools: center punch, round punch, slotter, fuller-bring whatever you have

· Ear protection

· Proper forge attire: all natural fibers, covered legs and toes, leather or canvas shoes/boots, ANSI 87.140 compliant protective eye wear

· Whatever water and food you need

Minimum Class Size: 4

Maximum Class Size: 16

Coin Mokume Gane Registration

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