Blacksmithing 101 Youth Paired Class

(Minor must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18)

Fee: $240.00 + Museum Dual or Family Membership (required)

Time: 9am-3pm

Minors (ages 10-17) may enroll in this class with an accompanied adult, together students will learn to light and work with a coal forge to heat metal and use hammers and other tools to forge, bend and twist metal into desired shapes.  Students will work on three projects (one each months) including their first pair of blacksmith tongs. 

Please read all requirements before signing up

Membership, pre-registration and payment is required before attending first class as new student space is limited.

$240.00 covers three consecutive months and includes instruction time, coal and steel fees.

There are no refunds for NO SHOWS.

You will be responsible for your own safety equipment (eye protection, ear protection, protective natural fiber clothing and closed toe shoes. 

You must also bring your own class tools: a sledge type hammer with a metal head and wooden handle (2lbs or less) and leather apron.

A confirmation email with your class coupons will be emailed to you no later than the Thursday before your first class.

This form must be completed to officially register for the Blacksmithing 101 class.  Payment only will not hold your spot.  Thank you. 

Blacksmithing Youth Paired 101 Registration

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