Steam Traction Engines

 Advance - 14 Horse Power

Year: 1902

Serial Number: 6744

Boiler Number: 239

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

This was bought by the Museum at the Arthur Bright Auction. Originally the Hamilton Family near Walla Walla Washington purchased the engine new in 1902. The museum held a fundraiser to purchased  it at the Arthur Bright auction in 1986. Restored for the Museum by Dean Alling and Mike Stanley in 1991. It has the “La Feavor” straw-burning boiler. This was the first traction engine owned by the museum.

 Buffalo Pitts Road Roller 10 Ton

Year: 1914

Serial Number: Unknown

Boiler Number: 9987

Donated by: Wilbur & Virginia Rickett

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

Year Donated:

Restored by: Dean Alling in 2007 by Dean Alling with funds donated to the museum by Alvin & Ivan Rhynard.

  Case - 20 Horse Power

Year: 1909

Serial Number: 21363

Boiler Number: 9968

Donated by: City of Bolder Nevada

Year Donated:

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

Under restoration by the Museum's Steam Team.  The funds for this restoration were donated by Alvin & Ivan Rhynard. 

 Case - 20 Horse Power

Year: 1912

Serial Number: 27462

Boiler Number: 16113

Donated by:

Year Donated: 1994

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

Restored by Ace Wischstat for Ralph Powers who kept this engine at the museum. Ace ran this engine for several years. In 1994 it was donated to the Museum but was no longer in running condition until Jim McIntyre joined the Museum and put it back into running condition. It has been running now since 1995.

 Russell - 12 Horse Power

Year: 1895

Serial Number: Unknown

Boiler Number: 7335

Donated by: Rube Nelson

Year Donated:1992

Restored by: Rube Nelson - Second Restoration in 1992 by Byron Whitehead

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

 Minneapolis - 20 Horse Power

Year: 1920

Serial Number: 8376

Boiler Number: 262

Owned and Restored by: Dean Alling, on loan to the Museum.

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

This engine worked a farm in Wisconsin the first half of its working life and provided power for a saw mill in Wausan Wisconsin into the 1950’s. It was brought to Oceanside in 1955 by Jim Sullivan. It was used in the Movie “The Friendly Persuasion” with Gary Cooper and Dorothy Mc Guire. After Jim passed away it was bought and dismantled for a re-restoration about 1975 or so. It remained dismantled and was sold two more times and moved to a small town near Sacramento. It remained in pieces for over 20 years until purchased by Dean Alling and moved to the Museum in 1995. It took 4 years and a lot of help to restore the engine many parts were missing. Parts were found from several people in several states. It has a ASME code boiler and operates at its original pressure of 150 PSI

 Russell - 16 Horse Power

Year: 1916

Serial Number 16099

Owned by: Scott Higgins, on loan to the Museum.

Building Location: Steam Traction Barn

This was purchased from a collection in Cloves California. This has an ASME code stamped boiler and runs at 150 PSI.