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Fiber Arts Class Registration


Intro to Weaving - Rigid Heddle- November 14th

$ 60.00 USD


Rigid Heddle looms are easy to learn and a fun introduction to weaving for beginners, but also offers opportunities for intermediate and experienced weavers to experiment with techniques and design.  Students can choose from a variety of simple projects that can be completed in one day including mug rugs, a wall hanging, a small bag or table mat.  We will learn the easy warping method and then you will be free to take your project as far as you can go.  If you have a skein of fancy novelty yarn you have wondered what to do with this could be an opportunity to put it to use.  You could also choose from the variety of yarns available for the class. 



Intro to Weaving - Inkle Band - November 14th

$ 60.00 USD

Created centuries ago (Shakespeare referred to it in his classic " loves labor's lost") the Inkle (an old English word meaning ribbon or tape) loom was and is used to create narrow bands that are ideal to make belts , trims, straps, ribbons, key rings, bookmarks, lanyards or garment hem decorations. In class you will learn to make one of these projects or more. The varieties of color and pattern are only limited by your imagination. This is a great class to learn how to weave.


Needle Felting - November 14th

$ 25.00 USD


This type of craft uses sharp needles. You will be creating 3" Teddy Bears. Your choice of color and decoration. Made with sheep's wool.

This Teddy makes a great doll companion!

Note: Band-aids supplied by Instructor.

* Additional $15.00 Materials Fee due day of class to instructor



Spinning - July 16th

$ 40.00 USD

Spinning is the basis of all yarn construction. In this class students will learn the basics of spinning yarn on a spinning wheel using sheep's wool. During this one day class students will learn the parts of a spinning wheel, how to draft fiber, how to add twist, and, if time allows, how to ply. Students will also be introduced to fiber preparation using simple hand tools. If students have a spinning wheel or spindle they want to use they are encouraged to bring that to the class. They should also bring any fiber or equipment they have questions about.